Начало Фитнес Гривни Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 - Black

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 - Black

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  • Код:
  • Тегло:
    0.100 кг
  • Производител:
  • Фитнес Гривни Серия:
    Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6
  • Дисплей диагонал:
    1.56 инч
  • Дисплей резолюция:
  • Батерия:
    125 mAh
  • Гаранция:
    24 мес.

Няма наличност

  • More information at a glance
    Full screen 1.56" AMOLED display has been improved all around. Easily check text messages, calls and notifications with a quick glance.

  • Precisely cut edges, exquisite classic shape
    Mi Smart Band 6 sticks to a classic shape with an innovative large screen and rounded edges, making it comfortable to wear and look.

  • 326ppi AMOLED display
    For the first time using a large-size AMOLED display, you can set the background to a picture of a loved one, a pet or your favorite work of art, so that and every time you lift your wrist your day feels brighter.

  • Day and night protection
    Blood oxygen saturation (SpO₂) is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle of the human body. Stay in tune with your body, measure anytime, anywhere!

  • Sleep safe and sound
    Monitor your nightly blood oxygen saturation levels and analyze your sleep breathing quality, so that you can keep track of your own sleep quality.

  • Prioritize a good night's sleep
    The Smart Band accurately records sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep based on changes in heart rate, and receive scientific advice to help you develop regular sleeping habits.

  • With your health in mind
    The built-in PPG biosensor measures your heart rate, keeping track of ups and downs when exercising and resting.

  • Personal activity intelligence
    The personal activity intelligence is calculated using your sex, age, heart rate and other data, and gives suggestions for activities that improve your score.

  • Stress monitoring
    Keeps track of your stress levels and gives suggestions for easing and recovering from stress.

  • Производител:
  • Фитнес Гривни Серия:
    Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6
  • Височина:
    47.4 мм
  • Ширина:
    18.6 мм
  • Дълбочина/Дебелина:
    12.7 мм
  • Тегло:
    12.8 грама
  • Тяло:
  • Защита:
    Waterproof 5 ATM
  • Дисплей тип:
    AMOLED, brightness up to 450 nits, adjustable, Tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Дисплей диагонал:
    1.56 инч
  • Дисплей резолюция:
  • Дисплей плътност:
    326 точки на инч (ppi)
  • Управление на дисплея:
    Touch sensitive screen
  • Съвместимост:
    Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
  • Bluetooth:
  • Сензори:
    ow power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensor
  • Батерия (mAh):
    Li-Po 125 mAh
  • Батерия - време за зареждане:
    до 2 часа
  • Батерия - време на работа:
    14 дни
  • Други:
  • Каишка (цвят, материал):
    Black, Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Каишка (дължина, размер) :
  • Функции за здраве:
    Heart rate monitoring: Whole-day heart rate manual heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate curve Sleep monitoring: Deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), naps Women's health tracking: Provides recording and reminders for the menstrual cy
  • Функции за активност:
    Treadmill, Freestyle, Outdoor running, Cycling, Walking, Pool swimming, Rowing machine, Elliptical, Indoor cycling, Yoga, Jump rope, Dance, Indoor fitness, Gymnastics, HIIT, Core training, Stretching, Bowling, Badminton, Boxing, Stepper, Pilates, Basketba
  • Функции:
    Message/call notification, App alerts, Calendar, Alarm, Clock, Stopwatch, Timer, Music control, Find phone, Unlock phone(MIUI), Camera remote control, Weather, Set activity goals.
  • В кутията:
    устройство, каишка, кабел за зареждане, ръководство
  • Гаранция:
    24 мес.
  • Цвят: