Blackview R8 - Black

Цена: 84.50лв.
  • Код:
  • Тегло:
    0.023 кг


  • Производител:
  • Часовници Серия:
    Blackview R8
  • Дисплей диагонал:
    1.09 инч
  • Дисплей резолюция:
  • Памет (KB):
    160 KB
  • Дисково пространство (MB):
    448 MB
  • Батерия:
    190 mAh
  • Гаранция:
    24 мес.

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Reveal the Eternal Gracefulness
The zinc alloy case and Asahi Glass display are proven to be fall and crack-resistant after thousands of tests in the laboratory. The sophisticated pleat-like pattern on the circular case presents a timeless look at every sight. Curved edges of 2.5D glass feature the visual effect of water almost overflowing brim, making R8 truly brilliant down to the last detail.


Change the Look on the Wrist Everyday
R8 with 4 sets of watch faces especially designed for women, turns your look on the wrist into a showcase for delicacy and exquisiteness. Match your everyday outfits with different watch faces.


Customized Watch Menus
R8 is paired with a highly personalized UI. Go choose from a riveting cellular menu, circular plate-like interface, or minimalist list-like UI. You can always find what suits your style.


Around-the-clock SpO2 Detection
If you are having a headache or feeling dizzy, your SpO2 or blood oxygen saturation might be low. R8 equipped with VC32 sensor helps you instantly know your blood molecules deeper even in low temperature in 24 hours.


Make Every Heartbeat Count
How your heart beats every minute can reflect the health or your heart. R8 turns your every heartbeat into an easy-to-understand graphic so that you can be timely informed of if you have any cardiac problems.


Focus on Your Breathing Rhythm
Looking for a better way to alleviate your daily stress from city life or handle pressure from difficult tests in schools? R8 with a professional audio breathing guide makes you breathe more attentively to extricate yourself from unhealthy emotions.


Redefine Your Exercise, Know Detailed Metrics
Exercising every day is beneficial to your health, but knowing how to maximize the benefit of exercise is more important. That’s why you need R8 to let you understand your precise workout data to improve the way you do sports or stop doing when you are getting enough of them.


Stay Notified
Don’t want to miss a call for a job interview invitation while you are doing shopping or the emergency calls from your kids or loved ones during work? R8 is equipped with call and notification alerts to enable you to stay connected with them whenever or wherever.


Time to Move and Stand up
A sitting-all-day lifestyle too often contributes to sore neck, stiff back or even fat hips. Change your harmful sedentary habit with R8 that offers smart alerts to remind you it’s time to stand up and relax your body.


Your Little Alarm Clock on the Wrist
R8 is built inside with an alarm clock alert. You can set an alarm for your important date with your meant-to-be or your long-expecting flight to a foreign city. R8 never lets you be absent from your significant moments in life.


Find Your Phone or Watch
Connect your phone with R8 so it will never get lost, and you can also find R8 with your phone.


Real-time Weather Forecast
With R8, simply raise your arm to check the real-time weather forecast in your city to decide whether to bring an umbrella or a raincoat right before you step out of your house.


Work Even Deeper into Water
Waterproof in 20-meter-deep water, R8 allows you to be worry-free when you are sweating a lot during workout or washing your hands after having fun on the beach. You can even wear an R8 to swim and check out the time in a pool.


Charge Less, Wear Often
Paired with a high-efficiency chipset and power-saving algorithm, R8 stays alive longer to make sure that each of your glimpse at it is a surprise. It lasts for 7-10 days for typical scenarios and can stand by for more than 45 days on a single charge.


Awakened by A Simple Lift
Every time you lift your arm, R8 wakes up automatically and intelligently to ensure longer battery life and smarter use. Awaken the watch by simply raising your arms when your hands are occupied.

  • Производител:
  • Часовници Серия:
    Blackview R8
  • В продажба:
    апр 2022
  • Височина:
    41 мм
  • Ширина:
    41 мм
  • Дълбочина/Дебелина:
    12 мм
  • Тегло:
    23 грама
  • Тяло:
    Black; Zinc alloy frame, Plastic bottom shell, stainless buttons
  • Защита:
    IP68 Waterproof in Depth of 20 Meters
  • Дисплей тип:
    TFT-LCD; 2.5D-curved Asahi Glass; Capacitive; Multi-touch
  • Дисплей диагонал:
    1.09 инч
  • Дисплей резолюция:
  • Чипсет (chipset):
  • Памет (KB):
    160 KB
  • Дисково пространство (MB):
    448 MB
  • Bluetooth:
  • Сензори:
    G-sensor; Blood Oxygen; Heart Rate; Motor
  • Батерия (mAh):
    190 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer
  • Батерия - време за зареждане:
    Magnetic charging up to 2h
  • Батерия - време на работа:
    Standby: up to 45 days; Typical: 7-10days
  • Други:
    23 Languages: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish & Czech
  • Каишка (цвят, материал):
    Black; TPU + metal buckle
  • Функции:
    Monitoring of Physical Activity; Pedometer; Sleep Monitor; Call Reminder; Alarm Clock; Messages; Smart Notifications; Calories Control; Weather Alert
  • В кутията:
    Smartwatch; Strap; Charging Cable; User Manual
  • Гаранция:
    24 мес.
  • Цвят: