Blackview W10 - Black

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  • Код:
  • Тегло:
    0.052 кг


  • Производител:
  • Часовници Серия:
    Blackview W10
  • Дисплей диагонал:
    1.69 инч
  • Дисплей резолюция:
  • Батерия:
    290 mAh
  • Гаранция:
    24 мес.
  • Включва:

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More Ease on the Eyes
Integrating an expansive 1.69-inch high-definition display that presents delightful time-reading and a well-crafted TPU strap suitable for any occasions, Blackview W10 can truly contribute to your smart look every day.


Easy Conversation on the Wrist
Making or answering calls has never been easier and faster thanks to W10. It allows you to deal with calls right from the wrist without taking your phone out of the pocket and at the same time ensures impressive call clarity.


Dare to Be Different with 230+ Watch Faces
Blackview W10 is gearing up all the time with 230+ watch faces to match your different outfit styles. Simply tap to give a new look on the wrist or customize your watch faces at will.


Customized Watch Menus
Blackview W10 is paired with a highly personalized UI. Go choose from the riveting cellular menu, the six-square division interface, and the minimalist list-like UI. You can always find what suits your style.


Blood Oxygen Under Control
Blood oxygen saturation is a vital sign that reflects metabolic circulation, so keeping track of your blood oxygen around the clock is a crucial thing to do. Blackview W10 eases your tracking process with the help of built-in VC32 sensor that accurately tells you your SpO2 of the body in 24 hours.


Know Yourself Better by Heart
With an improved VC32 heart rate sensor, Blackview W10 now can send intelligent reminder to you if your heart rate goes above normal levels.


Care for Your Wellbeing
Blood pressure too high or too low usually indicates major health issues that cannot be neglected. Equipped with blood pressure monitoring, W10 helps you keep track of blood pressure accurately anytime, anywhere.


Sleep for a Better Life
Blackview W10, by analyzing your heart rate and body movement during sleep while recording your deep and light sleep duration at the same time, can assist you in having a further understanding of your sleep so you can improve sleep quality with more ease.


More Ease on the Eyes
Integrating an expansive 1.52-inch high-definition display that presents delightful time-reading and a well-crafted TPU strap suitable for any occasion, Blackview W10E can truly contribute to your smart look every day.


Feel The Beat Anywhere You Go
W10 supports music playback from the wrist. Listen to music when you are working out in gyms or jogging outdoors without having to wear a pair of earphones or carry a phone in your pocket.


Stay Notified
W10, equipped with call and notification alerts, enables you to stay connected with anyone anywhere, never allowing you to miss any important calls from VIP clients while you are busy or fail to notice emergency calls from your kids or loved ones during meetings.


Female's Health Matters
Blackview W10 cares for female’s health by offering special alert in case you are too busy dealing with daily routine to remember it's your special day and that you need to take care of yourself with more attention.


Talk to Your Watch
W10 is intelligent enough to respond to your calls by waking up the voice assistant on the smartphone and help you carry out everyday tasks on the phone effortlessly via voice command.


Rain-proof. Splash-proof. Sweat proof.
Go to gyms with W10 on the wrist as it has no fear of sweat. Feel free to wash your hands or run into pouring rain with W10 which is reliably splash-proof or rain-resistant.


Better Endurance, More Interaction
W10 lasts longer than is normally expected. With a 290mAh large battery, a single charge would provide you with enough juice to have fun for days.

  • Производител:
  • Часовници Серия:
    Blackview W10
  • В продажба:
    януари 2023
  • Височина:
    43.7 мм
  • Ширина:
    37 мм
  • Дълбочина/Дебелина:
    11.8 мм
  • Тегло:
    51.6 грама
  • Тяло:
  • Защита:
    IP68 Waterproof
  • Дисплей тип:
    TFT; Capacitive; Multi-touch
  • Дисплей диагонал:
    1.69 инч
  • Дисплей резолюция:
  • Чипсет (chipset):
    Realtek 8763E
  • Микрофон:
  • Bluetooth:
  • Сензори:
    Heart Rate; Blood Oxygen
  • Батерия (mAh):
    290mAh Lithium Ion Polymer
  • Батерия - време на работа:
    Standby: > 30 days; Typical Use: > 5 days
  • Други:
    Languages: English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Hebrew
  • Каишка (цвят, материал):
    Black; TPU
  • Каишка (дължина, размер) :
  • Функции:
    Monitoring of Physical Activity; Pedometer; Timer; Sleep Monitor; Call Reminder; Alarm Clock; Messages; Music Control; Smart Notifications; Calories Control; Weather Alert; Female Health Alert; Voice Assistant Support
  • В кутията:
    Smartwatch; Strap; Charging Cable; User Manual
  • Гаранция:
    24 мес.
  • Цвят: