Начало Аксесоари Допълнителни Гаранции Lenovo Keep Your Drive - Extended service agreement - 3 years

Lenovo Keep Your Drive - Extended service agreement - 3 years

Цена: 50.30лв.
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Keep your Lenovo drive and data within your custody, improving security and potentially alleviating civil liability risks. Lenovo's keep your drive service lets you dispose of business data on your terms.

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Доставка до 3 работни дни.

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  • Predictable budgets
    Provides predictable upfront costs versus finding budget in the event of drive failure.
  • Regulatory compliance and protection
    Helps your organization avoid the legal and monetary repercussions associated with a breach in data security.
  • Data remains secure
    Eliminates the need for tracking failed drives in transit, giving IT staff the time to concentrate on mission-critical business activities.
  • Производител:
  • Включено обслужване:
    Lenovo ThinkPlus ePac 3Y KYD Add On
  • Продължителност на договора:
    3 years
  • Обслужване и поддръжка:
    Defective HDD/SSD retention - 3 years
  • Приложимост:
    V14; V14 IGL; V145-14; V15; V15 G2 ALC; V15 G4 AMN; V17 G2 ITL; V17 G3 IAP; V17 G4 IRU