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Lenovo Sealed Battery - Battery replacement - 3 years

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Lenovo's 3-year Sealed Battery Warranty is available in conjunction with a purchased extension or base 3-year system warranty. The extended battery warranty is available with depot or onsite service and offers a one-time replacement in the event a covered battery fails to meet minimum performance standards.

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  • Включено обслужване:
    Lenovo ThinkPlus ePac 3Y Sealed Battery Add on Stackable
  • Продължителност на договора:
    3 years
  • Обслужване и поддръжка:
    Battery replacement - 3 years
  • Приложимост:
    for 100e Chromebook Gen 4; 14e Chromebook Gen 3; 300e Yoga Chromebook Gen 4; V17 G4 IRU